Officine Stefanuto is an Italian company present on the market since 1961; a leader in the design and construction of mobile units on trailer and on container. Thanks to our long experience, to a skilled team of planners and workers, we meet the needs and demands of our customers (such as the THW, the Red Cross, Disaster Protection, Firefighters, Civil Protection, the Armed Forces and other rescue and emergency services).

From the first idea to the finished product all takes place in our production plant in Gruaro. This means that our products are 100% Made in Italy. 

Our units are mobile solutions for all kinds of applications: civilian, military, social-humanitarian and catering.

The strengths of our products are:

• high quality ensured by cutting-edge materials and professional equipment
• ease of use both on the ground or on a vehicle thank to ladders and access ramps
• lightweight and long-lasting thanks to a self-supporting structure in aluminium
• easy to transport on a truck or trailer, with the option to add a hydraulic self-unloading system and Multilift frames for solutions with ISO 20’ standard size
• optimized interior space thanks to the expandable structure, that can be opened and closed with a simple and quick manual mechanism
• versatile use thanks to a custom equipment

We offer a 10 year warranty against corrosion for the aluminium structure. Our solutions consist of a fixed or an expandable structure on: Iso standard containers, roll-off containers, monoblocks, shelters and modules of specific size used for different purposes.

On customer’s request, our multifunctional units can be equipped as: accomodation containers, mobile sleeping units, mobile training and convention rooms, containerized offices, mobile workshops, toilets, command post trailers, living room/lounge containers, emergency containers, portable kitchens, mobile medical shelters and more.