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Officine Stefanuto's Quality System has been certified since 1996; from 2015 the certifying body is Bureau Veritas (cert. IT258241). It has therefore been applying continuous improvements for years, achieving standards of proven excellence in all phases and operations of every project. Also for this reason, Officine Stefanuto has become a widely recognised and esteemed point of reference.

The company only works with certified welders for carbon, aluminium und stainless steel welding processes, using operational procedures which comply with UNI EN ISO 3834 Part 2 standard (certification issued by the Italian Institute of Welding). Moreover, as provided for by the European Directive 89/106/EEC, the company has been certified EN 1090-1 since 2014, as concerns the conformity of the production control for steel parts used for construction (steel structures and mixed steel-concrete structures). Officine Stefanuto Srl is registered in the Ministerial List as Processing Centre for the production of structural metalworks. Welding controls are carried out by qualified internal staff or accredited external laboratories.

Officine Stefanuto Srl is also SOA-certified for categories OS 6 and OS 18-A.